Alacarte Virtual Food & Other Virtual Restaurants Bring Authentic Delivery Experience

Have you experienced cravings in the middle of the night, but your favorite restaurant is already closed? Don’t sleep without satisfying your hunger pangs.

The virtual food delivery trend is taking the internet by storm. You don’t have to wait long before you can try the food that you’re craving.

The benefit of ordering from this virtual food service is you get your orders fast and easy because you don’t have to order from different restaurants to get different foods. You can reach them using one site to place your order in different restaurants.

What is a virtual food restaurant?

The concept of virtual restaurant is relatively new. It’s still developing, but a lot of business owners are eager to venture in this kind of food industry.

A virtual restaurant prepares, packages and delivers the foods of your choice from their wide range of menus. Since these services have restaurant partners, they offer a more flexible kind of menu. This means, if your mom and dad prefer chicken, you can order seafoods and rice for yourself and salads for your sister.  

No need to go to another site to order from different places. You get your food right on your doorstep, without the hassle of ordering from several restaurants.

Virtual Restaurant Offers Authentic Food Delivery Experience

A la Carte

Newswire Alacarte virtual food delivery offers different types of foods provided by their restaurant partners. It is known as a “virtual food hall” because customers can choose from their array of food items, such as hot sandwiches, carbonara, ramen, tacos and ceviche.

Customers can easily order online. Free delivery is limited only within Miami when the amount of the order reaches more than $20.

What’s unique with their service is that they ensure that food is received by their customers in its best state. For instance, French fries remain hot and crisp, the soups remain hot and the pasta remains tender.

Another difference with their food is that they are reasonably priced and get delivered to your place within 30 minutes. The virtual food hall has partnered with Sunset Harbour’s True Loaf Bakery, La Sweetz, UberEATS and more to offer more varieties of foods for their customers try out the alacarte virtual food.


UberEATS, which operates its own virtual restaurant, recently updated its app that is designed to personalize food recommendations according to customer’s Yelp-style rating and tastes. The app can also offer suggestions of dishes offered by nearby restaurants from the record of their customer’s past orders.

The company has been in the virtual restaurant business for some time now, visit It works with restaurants that are only existing online.

The idea with their app is they look for the food that is searched by people online in a particular location. For instance, people are searching for Japanese food, but they can’t find nearby restaurants that offer it.

According to Tech Crunch, the concept of UberEATS is to connect with a restaurant that has the equipment or materials that can produce the food that is searched by people online. In the above case, the Japanese food.

This idea gives the people more choices. On the other hand, the restaurants are able to grow their business by maximizing the dishes that they can offer.

Green Summit Group

Green Summit Group is another company that operates virtual restaurants. The brand has tied up with several restaurants like Butcher Block ad Leafage, which are only operating online.

Green Summit Group like other virtual restaurants don’t have to bother about rental fees. This kind of business can operate with just as little as 200 square feet of space. They don’t have to think about renting more space to accommodate dine-in customers, which is its big advantage.

Another advantage of having no physical store is that they can alter their menus instantly. For instance, the company swiftly dropped its Middle Eastern menu when it didn’t perform well.

When operating this kind of virtual business, they can maximize whatever ingredients they have to offer a new dish. For example, when they decided to offer poke, a Hawaiian fish salad, they don’t have to purchase new ingredients because they can use the ingredients they use for sushi.

Although virtual restaurants are still in the work, having them in the industry makes food more accessible. The next time you’re craving for a certain dish, check out these virtual food services online.    

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