Fast Weight Loss Diet Menu For Losing 10 Pounds

Registered dietitian and health blogger, Edward Happer, has come up with a guide for rapid weight loss.

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We take a look at this seven-day diet plan that can help you lose up to 10 pounds.

Happer discovered this diet plan when he needed to lose weight fast. He had a fitness exam which required him to lose 5 pounds. This is a healthy weight loss plan that does not require starving yourself. It can help you lose up to 10 pounds in a week.

Being a registered dietitian and nutritionist, Happer focuses on promoting whole food nutrition. No weight loss supplements or medicine is included in this plan.

Weight loss pills are unhealthy and may cause nausea, diarrhea and other symptoms.

The only things needed in this plan is healthy and fresh food from your market. As an owner of a nutrition clinic, Happer provides healthy eating and exercise advice to families so that young children can maximize their growth potential.

This plan can also improve your skin and digestive system.

Day One: Eat a low sugar fruit today, no bananas allowed. Eat apples, pomegranates and any citrus fruit that you choose. Drink 12 glasses of water.

Today is fruit only day, but we make it clear that this is not a fruit only diet. Eating only fruit every day is unhealthy and dangerous as fruit does not provide protein or essential fats. Fruit only diets are unsafe and should not be encouraged.

Fruit juice is not allowed today. You can add green tea, black coffee or a weight loss drink(honey, lemon, and warm water) before breakfast.

The best fruits to eat when trying to lose weight is citrus fruits. Lemon and oranges are good choices combined with grapefruit and apples.

Once the day is over, make sure you have eaten at least four apples, four oranges, one watermelon and two pomegranates.

It is best to choose fruits that are low in sugar content. Watermelon, strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries are good choices.

Day Two: Veggies only today. Have your breakfast of boiled potato. Eat salads of your choice without the high calories dressings. Drink 12 glasses of water.

You can eat your veggies raw, as a salad or boiled with salt and pepper. Cream, butter, oil, and milk are not allowed.

Potatoes are not fattening, they are 75% water. It’s what we add to potatoes that make them fattening. They are rich in minerals and a good source of vitamins.

You can also drink coffee, tea or your weight loss drink.

Day Three: You can have fruits and veggies today. No potatoes and bananas. Drink 12 glasses of water.

Fruits and veggies are low in calories, so it’s ok to eat more if you want. Eating healthy does not mean that you have to eat less.

Avocado is allowed on fruit days.

Grilling can make veggies taste better but lowers the nutrition. Salads are still the best way to consume your veggies.

No oily products like butter or cheese, olive oil is ok to add to your salads.

Day Four: Eat eight whole bananas today. Make a basic veggie soup and eat it. Drink three glasses of milk plus your 12 glasses of water.

You can blend the banana and milk for a smoothie, use skimmed cow’s milk as your best option.

Day Five: For today you will eat six small tomatoes plus a cup of plain boiled rice. You can eat veggie soup, apples, oranges, and grapefruit. Drink 10 glasses of water.

Don’t use cherry tomatoes, use six medium-sized organic tomatoes. No canned tomatoes that have been preserved.

You can blend them and drink if you prefer adding lemon, salt, and pepper to taste.

Day Six: Eat a small portion of rice. You can add veggie soup three times. Drink ten glasses of water. Click here and find more about san diego water damage repair.

Brown rice is a better alternative than white rice.

Day Seven: Eat a small portion of rice. You can have veggie soup or salad today. Drink ten glasses of water and fruit juice if you want.


You are expected to have lost 10 pounds by now, you will also notice your skin and digestive system feel healthier.

Happer stresses this one important rule: Put your weighing scale away for one week. This removes your focus on how much weight you are losing compared to how much better you feel.

You can weigh yourself before you start the seven-day plan then wait for a week before tipping the scales again.

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