Free Drug Rehab Rules That You Need To Follow

The number one instinct for alcoholics and addicts is to rebel. It’s no surprise that this is the typical quality for those who struggle with substance abuse.

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The initial reaction that you may have when you learn about free drug rehab rules is to roll your eyes and maybe even think about how you can break them.

Addiction is dangerous and these rules are put in place for your good. Here are some rules that may be enforced at centers that will help in the recovery process.

1. No Romance In Rehab
Rehab centers do not allow romantic relationships. Couples who want to be admitted can’t enter the same program. One of the goals in rehab is to make connections and friendships with those who are also on the same path as you are. Romance can make things complicated. There is a certain appeal for romance in a rehab setting, but this is not practical. Being in rehab is a time you focus on recovery from substance abuse. Love is not a priority right now.

2. No mobile phones and computers
Almost all rehab centers do not allow you to bring your mobile phones and laptops. Some centers may allow limited use and restricted access. The reason for this is that you won’t have access to people who have drug or alcohol connections. Respect for a patient’s privacy should also be implemented for those who have entered the program. Taking photos inside the rehab centers and sharing them on social media is strictly prohibited. These gadgets can also be a distraction to your rehab program. You need to focus on the task at hand and recovery from substance abuse is your priority.

3. No Movies, Music, And TV
These seem to be an unfair rule for most patients, but there is a good reason behind this rule. The good news is there are rehab centers who may have more lenient standards and may allow some types of shows and music which may help in your rehab program. The important thing is avoiding triggers, exposure to media can become a distraction while you are in a sensitive phase in your program.

4. You Need To Attend All Sessions
It is vital to attend all sessions and participate in them. Even if you don’t feel like being there at all, you have to make an effort to be present. For your rehab program to be successful, you need to be willing and motivated to do the work and attending sessions is a part of it.

5. Total Abstinence From Drugs And Alcohol
The goal of a rehab program is to teach patients how to live a drug and alcohol-free life. This rule is easy to understand and is expected at any rehab center. There may be exceptions when it comes to prescribed medications, but analysis will still be made. These meds may be given to you when you need them. Find out workers compensation claim.

6. Restrictions On Going Out
When you enter a drug rehab program, you can’t just come and go as you please. This needs some adjustment on your part, but it’s all part of the program. Centers won’t allow you to leave the facility unless it’s with an employee of the center or to attend an event connected with your rehab program. These rules are implemented for you to focus on your rehab and be able to participate in all sessions.

7. Schedules Will Be Strictly Implemented
Rehab centers have strict and structured programs. There will be group therapy sessions, activities, one on one therapy meetings and other required sessions.

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